We’re looking for pupils (past, present, and future) to become Ambassadors for GRID Driving School! Join our exciting Ambassador Programme and earn some extra money and gain experience working in PR and marketing.

We want fun, positive, and friendly people to help us promote GRID Driving School! Our Ambassadors will be tasked with referring people to us and will be rewarded for every new pupil that joins us!

The job is simple, we want YOU to get the word out about GRID Driving School in any way you can think of. As a GRID Ambassador you will be issued a unique Referral Code that you can give to people for them to use when they book lessons with us. Once they complete 5 lessons then you will receive your reward of £25 or money off your driving lessons.

Our top performing Ambassadors also receive other fun perks like gift vouchers and invites to exclusive GRID Driving School events.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Why become a GRID Ambassador?

  • You’ll earn £25 (or money off your driving lessons) every time you successfully refer someone to us.
  • You’ll have unlimited earning potential – refer as many people as you like to us.
  • As an ambassador you will gain experience working within a PR and marketing role.
  • Ambassadors receive additional rewards – our top referring Ambassadors will be rewarded with gift vouchers and other special surprises.
  • You might get invited along to special events and meet/network with other Ambassadors.


  • You will be expected to refer pupils to GRID Driving School – this can be through any means you chose, like by telling your friends and family or promoting us on social media.
  • We keep track of our Ambassadors by providing them with a Referral Code. You can pass your unique Ambassador Code on to as many people as you like but they must use it at the time of booking for it to be valid.
  • Successful referrals are counted as pupils referred to us who then complete 5 hours of driving lessons with us or book and pay for a block of 5 lessons in advance. Once the referred pupil has completed 5 hours or books a block then you will receive £25 or money off your driving lessons.
  • Outstanding Ambassadors may be have the opportunity to represent us at events and conventions.

What we look for in our ambassadors

  • Our ambassadors should be friendly, outgoing, and full of energy!
  • Ambassadors should represent GRID Driving School and our ethos.
  • Our Ambassadors MUST act professionally at all times when promoting GRID Driving School.
  • Ambassadors should be self-motivated and act of their own initiative.

apply now

If you feel like you’d make a great addition to the team then fill out the contact form below! We try to get back to people within 48 hours so sit tight and keep an eye on your inbox.