At GRID Driving School we have a range of services for students that are confident behind the wheel of a car but just can’t seem to make it happen on test day.

We know it can be frustrating being able to drive but not actually being able to drive. We’ve found over the years that students are held back by a couple of issues. At GRID Driving School we’ve come up with a few ways to overcome them.

Changing Instructors

Sometimes students will need to change driving instructors for a number of reasons, often at short notice. At GRID Driving School we are happy to take on students who have parted ways with their previous instructor.

We use an initial assessment lesson to guage what level of skill our new students have. Please let us know at the time of booking how many lessons you have had previously.

Test Anxiety

Some students will drive perfectly when in the car with their instructor. They are cool, calm and collected up until the second the examiner is sitting in the passenger seat. Being under test conditions can cause students to become flustered and make silly mistakes which cost them their pass.

We offer mini blocks or double/triple lessons for students who would like additional time in the car but under test conditions. We offer practice mock exams which we hope will help to ease some nerves. 

You can find out more about these services here.

Unable to pass theory assessment

Lots of students can drive, and can do so safely and with confidence, but they struggle when it comes to driving theory. At GRID we know that theory based learning can be hard for some individuals, whereas the practical side of things seems like a breeze. This means that some students are stuck repeating theory tests hoping they pass next time. 

We offer our students access to revision guides and study tips to help them best prepare for the theory test. We will soon be offering classroom-taught driving theory courses. We hope these intensive, theory based courses, will help students struggling to pass the theory test. 

To find out more how GRID Driving School can help with driving theory please click here.