Dealing with Road Works – Learn to Drive

Dealing with Road Works – A Beginner’s Guide

Dealing with road works, especially on major roads and motorways when you are still a learner can be a bit daunting. You need to be aware of your speed limit and always be on the look out for potential hazards.

You should always take a common-sense approach to road works. Most major road works are well sign-posted with various road signs telling you if their is a temporary speed limit, what lane to use, and to warn you of the possibility of road workers being present.

Slow down on your approach to road works, make sure you are in the correct lane in good time, and avoid braking sharply! Where contraflow systems are in place there will usually be a higher concentration of traffic so this make increase your journey time as well.

Look out for workers that may be on the road. Some where protective ear muffs so may not be able to hear you if you sound your horn. Be very mindful that these people will likely be on the road and may cross your path at a moments notice!

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