Dealing with Zebra Crossings – Pedestrian Crossings

How to Identify and Deal with Zebra Crossings

Zebra Crossings are a very common type of pedestrian crossings. You will find them in most urban areas, especially areas where there is high footfall.

These crossings are identified by the black and white stripes on the crossing, they have flashing yellow beacons on either side of the road, and a white zigzag lines on either side and a give way line.

When pedestrians are waiting on the pavement at these crossings you should slow down and stop and allow them plenty of time to cross!

You should give way to anyone who is already on the crossing or who is stepping on to the crossing.

You should also be aware that some zebra crossings have central islands, each half of the crossing should be treated as if they were two separate crossings.

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